Brunswick Business & Industry Development (Brunswick BID) has an Existing Business and Industry Program to focus specifically on the needs of local manufacturers and related industries. New business announcements are always exciting, but most of the growth in any community comes from established businesses. Brunswick BID’s existing B&I program sees to support the prosperity and growth of the many established companies in the county, because we understand how critical this is to the long-term economic vitality of the community.

The Existing Business and Industry Program is designed to provide local companies with resources in the following areas:

Problem solving

Brunswick BID can help companies identify solutions to issues related to infrastructure, workforce, government services, and other related issues. Solutions often involve referring companies to beneficial programs and services in areas such as financing, grants, international trade, technical assistance, and training.

Expansion Needs

Brunswick BID is always ready to help when companies outgrow their space and need to expand. Whether expanding an existing building, moving into a larger vacant building, or relocating to another property in the county, Brunswick BID offers site selection services, help securing infrastructure support, referrals to lenders, assistance with grant programs, and support in a myriad of other ways.

Business and Statistical Information

Brunswick BID can provide custom research and current data on a variety of topics including things such as demographics, wage information, and cost of living trends. Most of our research is done in-house, and we can typically find data for even obscure requests.


Brunswick BID shares news and information about industry and relevant topics through visits, bi-monthly newsletters, email outreach, and focused seminars.

Brunswick BID partners with local, regional, and state allies to provide these services. For a deeper dive into resources available to help business and industry, please contact Kevin Lackey @ (910) 408-1603 or

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