cedar hill spec building


Brunswick Business & Industry Development proudly presents our latest portfolio addition: the Cedar Hill Road Spec Building.

Positioned to boost your business’s future in Navassa, Brunswick County, this beacon beckons investors and companies eager to thrive in Southeastern North Carolina’s vibrant industrial scene.

You risk missing out on a strategic advantage by not exploring this opportunity.

Property Highlights

  • Name: Cedar Hill Road Spec Building #1
  • Location: Cedar Hill Road, Navassa, NC
  • County: Brunswick
  • Zip: 28451
  • Space Type: Industrial
  • Size: 204,120 sqft

The Cedar Hill Road Spec Building offers a massive 204,120 square feet of adaptable space, exclusively designed for industrial use. Currently, some of the space has been rented.

As it stands, there is about 136K square feet left for lease.

It meets every industrial need with modern specs, ensuring it’s the top choice for diverse industrial activities. The chance to join this industrial hub is now.

Features at a Glance


  • Total Area: 204,120 sq. feet
  • Ceiling Height: 30 feet
  • Drive-In Doors: 2
  • Loading Docks: 14
  • Sprinkler System: Available


  • Air Conditioning: Available
  • Heating: Available
  • Expandable: Yes
  • Multi-Tenant: Yes

Engineered to support high-capacity operations, this building boasts high ceilings and expansive doors, easing access and boosting logistics efficiency.

The inclusion of air conditioning, heating, and an advanced sprinkler system ensures smooth operations all year round. Missing out means losing efficiency.

Comparison Tables

Ceiling Heights in Area Properties

  • Cedar Hill Road Spec Building: 30 feet
  • Leland Industrial Park: 28 feet
  • Brunswick County Commerce Center: 32 feet
  • Southport Industrial Park: 26 feet
  • Navassa Industrial Park: 27 feet
  • Shallotte Industrial Park: 29 feet

(Source: Brunswick County Economic Development)

The Cedar Hill Road Spec Building leads with exceptional features setting it apart in the market.

Loading Dock Comparison

  • Cedar Hill Road Spec Building: 14
  • Leland Industrial Park: 10
  • Brunswick County Commerce Center: 16
  • Southport Industrial Park: 12
  • Navassa Industrial Park: 13
  • Shallotte Industrial Park: 11

(Source: Brunswick County Economic Development)

Standing out with 14 loading docks, this facility ensures your logistics are smoother and faster than competitors.

Future Ready

Built with the future in mind, its expandable design lets businesses scale seamlessly.

Offering the chance to customize the interior for specific operational needs, it’s ideal for industries planning to tailor their production areas, storage units, or research facilities.

Imagine missing out on customizing your operation’s heart.

Strategic Location

  • Nearest Airport: ILM, 10 miles away
  • Nearest Interstate: I-140, 1 mile away

Just a mile from Interstate 140 and ten miles from Wilmington International Airport, this location offers unmatched access to major transport routes, ensuring easy receipt of materials and dispatch of goods.

Despite lacking rail access, its proximity to major highways and an international airport reduces transportation time and costs significantly.

Choosing another location could cost you.

Incentives for Growth

Opportunity Zone Benefits

  • Tax Incentives for Opportunity Zones
  • Potential for Increased Investment Value
  • Capital Gains Tax Deferral: Defer taxes by investing in Opportunity Zones.
  • Step-Up in Basis: Receive up to a 15% step-up on investments held for 7 years.
  • Permanent Exclusion: Exclude capital gains on investments held for 10 years.

(Source: IRS Opportunity Zones)

Investing here not only gives physical and structural advantages but also significant economic incentives that enhance the investment’s appeal, providing substantial financial gains over time.

Overlooking these incentives could mean missing out on financial growth.

Ready to Operate

Utilities On-Site

  • Power: Duke Energy
  • Natural Gas: Available
  • Water and Sewer: Available and on-site

Fully equipped with essential utilities, operations can kick off without delays.

Power is supplied by Duke Energy, known for its reliability. The availability of natural gas, water, and sewer on-site underlines the property’s readiness to support large-scale activities, from manufacturing to logistics.

This setup ensures you’re investing in a cornerstone of industrial growth in Brunswick County. Ignoring this could delay your operational start.

Engage with Us

  • Contact Jason Semple at 910-408-1603 or via email at locate@brunswickbid.com for more details or to arrange a site visit.
  • Schedule a visit to experience the advantages of the Cedar Hill Road Spec Building firsthand. Witness the potential of this industrial space and envision how it can cater to your specific business needs.

Brunswick BID invites you to become part of this exciting development.

With competitive leasing rates, substantial economic incentives, and a community committed to business success, the Cedar Hill Road Spec Building represents a foundational step towards achieving your strategic business objectives.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to position your business for success in Brunswick County’s dynamic industrial landscape.

Contact us today to learn more and take the first step toward unlocking your business’s potential at the Cedar Hill Road Spec Building.